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pre-op info...
{ luh-bot-uh-mee }
 {goods to keep ME sane}
Definition of Lobotomy:  A surgical incision into one or more of the nerve masses in the front of the brain. A lobotomy may be performed for the relief of certain mental disorders, although it has been largely abandoned in favor of less radical treatments.
Note from Dictionary: Because people who have had a lobotomy often become quite passive after the operation, the term is often used to refer to someone who shows a lack of response or reaction.  Example: “She was so tired she just sat there as if she had been lobotomized.”
Source:  American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition
The lobotoME product line is designed around the simple concept “goods to keep ME sane.”  With all of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off all the time, it is imperative to find organizational products that can help keep us sane and not headed to the loony bin.
meet your surgeon...
Dr. Jill - As a busy, work from home event production mommy, I was using at least 7 different lists & notepads a day.  A calendar for the family’s schedule; a to-do list, a misc. notes list, a menu planner, a grocery list, a honey-do list for my husband, and a workout tracker calendar!  I wanted it all on one!  I wanted a fun weekly planner that would encompass all of the above and MORE!  I also needed to be reminded on a daily basis to take time for ME so that I remained sane and could recharge for my family and my job and so I wouldn’t end up in the loony bin or worse yet with a lobotomy.  And I figured other women needed to be reminded of that as well to keep themselves out of the nut house.  Thus, the momME planner was born one busy day in a small mountain town in Colorado. Here’s to no more lobotomies. 
If you have any pre-op questions please contact us.